Pure Rorqual pilot

(merkini) #1

Not finished all the extra support skills for her yet. But pretty much all skills needed are injected.
+5 implants

3x Attribute Remaps available.


She also have a very clean Corp history

(Avallah) #2

18 bil

(Thorian Amadarr) #3

19b isk ready

(bob3776 Severasse) #4

How much you looking for?

(merkini) #5

Many rorq pilots i’ve spoken to say 40+

(bob3776 Severasse) #6

I will offer 20 it will be on the table for 48 hours if you was it it’s there

(merkini) #7

wont happen. sorry

(Glynda Rose) #8

you only got 28M SP
i will offer a 25B
or you can make a reasonable price around it

(system) #9

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