Purple Void Corporation - Mining, Industry, PVE and PVP (UK, EU, US)


Purple Void is a Mining, Industrial, PVE and PVP Corporation with a focus on Social
Gameplay, Team Spirit and playing in a chilled out environment.


Please read our FAQ → Purple Void FAQ.pdf - Google Drive


Please fill in our online survey this is to help us determine what activities you like to do in game and that we can pair you with the right people to do fleets with.

Corp Activities:

Ice Mining
Ore Mining
Moon Mining
Combat Sites
Planetary Interaction
Homefront Operations
Pochven Mining

and more to follow…

Purple Void Corporation has access to Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec and Wormhole space.


Corp Benefits:

Access to Industrial, research, reprocessing and moon mining facilities.
Orca Boosts and Compression
UK, EU and US time zones
Active Corp Discord and in Game chat
Friendly atmosphere


To find us in game please join “The Purple Void” Channel


Please only apply if you are an active player that can use Discord and Voice. If you are not active enough please do NOT apply. Also be aware our corp does PVP to defend our home, corp and alliance, so we need players who can commit to PVP if you cannot then this corp is not for you.

Hi our corp is looking for more miners, industry, PVE and PVP players to join us in High Sec to play together, have fun and make lots of isk.

We do alot of ice, ore and moon mining, industry, PVE which includes Abyssals, exploration in Data and Relic sites and combat sites. On the side we may do PVP with others in my corp.

Our corp is usually online during UK, EU and US time zones and we want to build a big miner, industry and PVE network of friends. The home base is in a 0.6 high sec system and 19 jumps to Jita and 6 jumps to Dodixie.

So if you are alone out there and want some fun and company why not join us in game.
We are seeking new or returning players and I am mostly online, so I can train new people into things they never done before or if I cannot there are others in my corp who will.

If interested please contact me here or in game.

Please also read the FAQ and fill in the online survey

This is our original thread from before:

Wyndii Chelien

Come join us…

Come join our corp…

Hi our corp needs Orca Boosters so come join our corp…

Hi we are looking for players to join our corp…please read the posts above for more information about our corp thanks.

Hi we are still looking for more people to join us…

Hi we are still looking for miners, orca boosters, industry and pve players come join us…

the survey thing was to weird sorry

Whats so weird? its normal actually to find out what players interests are thats what it is for…

Hi we still looking for players to join us…

We are still recruiting come check out our FAQ and if you see what you like fill in the survey and we will then contact you…

We are still recruiting for people to join our corp…

Come join us…

We are still looking for all types of players for our corp new or returning, please come join us or if you like to chat to someone feel free to drop us a line…

We are still looking for players to join our corp…

We still looking for people to join our corp…

Hi we are still looking for players to join us…

Come join our corp…

We are still looking for players to join our corp if interested contact me thanks.