[PUT-Z] - Looking for PvP enthusiasts - NEWBRO Friendly - Angel FW / LowSec


Looking for PvP enthusiasts who thrive on small-gang PVP who want to join the pirate faction warfare side of EVE


Explore the cosmos under our banner!

Are you someone who relishes PvP skirmishes, abhors nullsec zergs, and craves a tighter-knit community? Look no further!

Join our ranks and experience:

  • Thrilling PvP engagements (Angel FW / LS / Fillament / ESS / Roams)
  • SRP for Alliance doctrine fleets

PVP Boot camp / Newbro PVPers accepted

  • Faction warfare space / lowsec / Filament roams
  • No more cluttered overviews with endless blues!


  • Need for PVP
  • 2.500.000 Skillpoints

Join our recruitment channel Recuitment.WDAT

Or say Hi to us on DISCORD

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Daily bump :slight_smile:

Still Looking for Lowsec dwellers :smiley:

PPL looking to have fun in LOWSEC welcome :slight_smile:

LOWSEC dwellers welcome :slight_smile:

Slots are filling up. Want to join the New area of small gang PVP?

Daily Bump :slight_smile:

The local LS sociopath association is looking for more antisocial trigger-happy peeps :smiley:

Still looking for PVPers to fly with :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Still looking for LOWSEC corpies :smiley:

LOWSEC BROS still welcome :slight_smile:


Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile: Still looking for LS Peeps

Daily Bump for LS members

Still looking for Lowsec Mates :slight_smile:

Knock knock :slight_smile:

Any lowsecers left?

Still looking for new fleetmates.