# PVE AND EVE EVENT CORP ---Low sec--- Blingdenstone

PVE AND EVE EVENT CORP —Low sec— Blingdenstone

[Low Sec]

You may ask who are we,

We are a group of people who are focused on exploiting and maxmizing income around every EVE event, We are looking for others who are unfamiliar or looking to join to us in enjoying PVE realated content.

looking for people who are communicative and helpful and able to use TS3

Discord click to talk with Someone

What we offer PVE wise--------

-Laid Back harvest fleets where we run all the anoms in our low sec area

  • PVE ships and fittings on contract or available on a break it you buy it basis

  • running the seasonal and holiday eve events for special skins and loot.

  • providing oppurtuties to run C3 wh sites as a group.

-the best esclation farming of 3/10- 6/10s and techniques and fits on how to chain them daily

What we offer industry wise—

R64 mooons to mine

Ore Anomaly Mining Fleets

Gas Huffing

Mining boosts

Occasional PvP Fleets

100% Jita buy back program

  • Includes Ore

  • Includes Salvage

  • Includes Planetary Interaction

BPO and BPC Library

Great community with experienced players helping to teach new members

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