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Since I seem to suck at solo PVP and can’t ever get in a fleet in my FW corp. I figured I try a PvE corp. I enjoy running rat sites and scanning down things so figure this will be a good fit to try out. Is there any suggestion for corps out there? I would like one within 15 jumps from Jita which is where I’m near doing invention until I find another home. I’ll even take a mining group long as it’s just not mining only! Thanks all, fly safe.

Don’t give up on PvP, have a look at RED vs BLUE. I joined as a PvP virgin not long ago and now enjoy Faction Warfare fleets most days, killing and dying in equal numbers - great fun. The people are communicative and helpful, both in their discord forums and in live chat and in-game chat. Some fleets provide ships that are either free or cut-price, in T1 and T2 forms, and RvB has an SRP programme to offset some of the cost of losses. The current focus on FW means Loyalty Points can be earned, which can be quite valuable in themselves, as well as winning loot.

Give it a try, the home system base is only 9 hisec jumps from Jita.

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been there already twice. I’m missing fleets everyday and no one runs when I’m on

Ah yes, it is a bit time-zone dependent - what’s your activity time-zone ?

Moved to Recruitment Center, good luck finding your new home :slight_smile:

Hi @Radec_Uitra,

I’m not sure what your main time zone is, but i see a lot of time stamps on skill that put you in our time zone. If you’d like to PvP in US-West TZ (or really 24/7), I’d like to invite you to read our ad and join us on discord for a chat to see if it’s a good fit. We are on mostly from EVE 01:00 - 07:00 (US Pacfic 6-midnight) but we have members from our alliance on and in fleet 24/7. It’s not a guarantee for activity, but you won’t be so alone.

Good luck in your search. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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