PvE for 4 old guys

Hi, myself and four friends (with omega subs) have played EVE casually off and on for awhile and are giving it another go. Is there PvE geared towards small groups of players? I watched a video about escalations but I think that is for a single player only. We are looking for something we can do for an hour to have some fun while we chat on Discord. I like the idea of the Faction warfare but we are too old and slow for that and would just get smoked.

C’mon EvE is not FPS fast paced, give it a try. :slight_smile:

Else you can do missions together, each of you accept one mission, and then you do all together. If you not get bored, mining, or the more adrenaline one, gas huffing in lowsec.

There are also group Abyssals, but as I hate instanced content in a sandbox universe, I’m not promoting it. Others will see this differently.

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If you haven’t tried them yet, Abyssal Deadspace fits pretty closely to what you’re after. Each site is ~20 minutes with varying difficulty, and you can do it either as a single Cruiser/HAC or 3 Frigates/Destroyers co-op.

Pochven also has some more challenging PvE(vP) content, as well as some escalations in low/null sec (though those are a bit less reliable)

Let us know what you end up with!



While escalation is assigned to a single player, multiple players can run them – and in many cases, it’s quite useful to have multiple players run them!

Nothing in eve is single player, you can always fleet up with a player and warp to them (or have them fleet-warp you to a site) or conversely, combat scan a player and warp to their site.

So if you get an escalation, nothing is preventing you from warping there and then inviting friends along! Conversely, nothing is preventing someone from scanning you down and chasing you out of the site (this generally also involves bringing friends along…)

i personnally started doing escalations in null sec with two corpmates a few years ago. We shared the loots.
Our fits were suboptimal, our skills also. But we had fun.
One day one corpmate got his bs killed by some neutrals. We were sad for him.
The week after we found a ded site that we would later identify as a 6/10, but we had no idea about it.
We cleared the 6/10 and at the end we told the guy “you lost your ship last week, we decided that you will open the can and take all the loot. Who knows what’s inside?”
he opened it and we found out that there was a 1 B module inside…

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