PVE in a low-class wormhole. Try something chill & different. 0% tax ratting/POCOS/industry/refining

We’re a small mass production & mining group operating out of low-class wormhole space. Looking for new folk to join in doing stuff and things. Primarily EU, but we’ve got a couple EST guys lingering about.

Corporate benefits:
☭ Tax-free. No refining, industry, etc. taxes.
☭ Highsec static, easy access in and out.
☭ 95% Hub-price buyback for everything.
☭ BPO library.
☭ Highsec haulage.
☭ Monthly mining & exploration incentives.
☭ Half of the buyback revenue is shared to the months top miners.
☭ No membership requirements.
☭ No restrictions on activities.

Join our public Discord or Apply ingame.

First citadel going up tomorrow :smiley:

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