[ISK.I] ISK.Industries - Established wormhole dwelling industrialists

Established corporation looking to recruit miners & industrialists who fancy hiding in a hole, shooting rocks, building shiny things, and occasionally shooting back if the mood takes.

☭ Tax-free. No refining, industry, etc. taxes.
☭ Highsec static, easy access in and out.
☭ 90% Hub-price buyback for everything.
☭ BPO library.
☭ Highsec haulage in and out of the wormhole.
☭ SRP for doctrine ships during organised fleets. Industrial/mining/combat.
☭ No membership activity requirements.
☭ No restrictions on activities.
☭ PVP roams. Sometimes. Maybe.

Join our ingame channel “ISK.Industries” or our discord and say hi!

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