PvE ISK Rebalance

So as we all know - EvE has really cool open market. The problem is - inflation.
NPC prints too much money and takes only a bit of it.
To show you simpler - a lot of isk is printed by bounty from NPC, also ISK is printed by selling blue loot from sleepers to NPC.
But can you tell me how much money NPC takes money from you? Repairs? Claim structures? Trading fee?
The important part here is that EvE creates too much ISK and takes from players not that much.

But we can look at another economics part of eve - ships and modules. Users mine ore, and collect rare modules from rare NPC - and these ships and modules get destroyed. There is a perfect balance about it.

So my suggestion is next: Instead of rewarding players with ISK for any activity (especially NPC bounty, blue loot) reward players with something that can be destroyed or used. Maybe some kind of Loyalty Points? Or NPC will drop some kind of energy that will be needed to build a ship or support claim unit e.t.c

If nothing will be done, and ISK printing will not be stopped prices will go up and never stop. And fixed ISK rewards (like starter agent missions) will be completely useless.

I sometimes wonder if some of the people that post in this sub forum is the same type of person whom mom tells them they sing good. And then forever become a part of the blooper real for “Americas Idols”.

All isk faucets and npc payouts and fees are in the economic report dumps every month. Read them, understand them, and then reword your post.


Might as well reward you with a slap in the face. Adding one degree of separation between ingame activities and isk will not curb the cost of market items, it will only create a pain in the neck for anybody doing PvE content.

Sleepers arent always easy to kill, i’ll just take the cash please

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