PvE use of FPS mechanics

If an EVE shooter is to ever exist, I believe there should be an equivalent to ratting/mining within first person. My proposition is including a more meticulous version of salvaging that applies to the smaller abandoned structures. This process would be done by landing on the structure and looting or disassembling it for valuable components in first person using a variety of tools and equipment.

Tools could take varying amounts of time, have differing chances of damaging a component, and have multiple applications, based on the type and the quality of the tool.
Different structures could call for different PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) depending on the environment. (Radiation, Viruses, Lack of atmosphere, Or whatever else makes sense with the location)
And different components would have different procedures and risks associated with their removal. (Electrocution, Corrosive fluid, Alarms, Explosion, Et cetera)

Structures don’t necessarily have to be uninhabited; pirates, and automated defenses could act as opponents integrating gunplay into the activity at least in cases with more valuable items)

The types of items extracted would vary based on the type of structure and the amount of effort required. There are many small items with a wide range of values, from compressed ore to certain salvage materials all the way to faction BPCs; So, they would take proportionally different amounts of effort: the ore can probably just be scooped into you bag from a random hopper at a abandoned mining site in high-sec, the salvage materials can be acquired by disassembling mechanisms and electronics using an assortment of tools, and the BPC may be locked in some pirate officer’s office complete with its own alarm system and automatic security.

Of course you could just remove a few armor panels with a laser cutter and escape with a meager amount of tritanium, risking relatively little.

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