Fraternal Greetings.

My suggestions may even seem strange, childish or contrary to the Company’s purposes, but it’s up to you to judge whether they will be useful or not, whether you should pay attention or not, whether you’ve already thought about it or not.

I send it in the hope that you have already thought of all this and come up with even better plans than these rough drafts.

Well then,

To attract Players (payers, subscribers, omega), since market prices, in general, are controlling, the collection time can be reduced by 25% but, merchandise prices can be increased by 100%, or even, increase the prices of the collected materials and also increase the collection time.

The Free Player would continue with severe restrictions.

However, we find it more interesting to reduce time and reduce market values.

Roughly speaking, in the end, the PVE Player would end up having the same collection work and would receive practically the same value, or even a value 10% lower than the PVP Server.

Another suggestion is to allow those who have more than 7M or 10M points in Skills to continue to have PREFERRED status or something similar for 40 days after the expiration of the last paid month.

After that period, they can pilot a maximum of one Retriever, or a set of specific ships – a maximum of 7 types of ships, 2 for Gathering, 3 for combat.

A good option would be when they are destroyed by NPCs, they only lose upgrades, ship equipment, crystals, ammo, skin, etc., but ships can be bought at half price, or something like that.

I hope I have contributed something and you can use or adapt my little suggestions in any way you like.

My payment is the certainty of having contributed.

Thank you once again for your attention and for the excellent graphics of the game.

One day, maybe, we’ll even be able to disembark from the ships and interact with other players like the late SW Clone Adventures from SONY.

Stay with my wishes for Health, Prosperity and Peace Profound.

Respectfully and Fraternally

Loed Fawser’.’


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I appreciate you taking the time to write this out.

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What in the cinnamon toast ■■■■ is this ■■■■.

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