PVP Corp Recruiting. No Blues. Blops/Small Gang Action. US Based. Newbros/Vets Welcome


Black Flag Corsairs

We are an independent PVP corp with a flavor of WH action and living (soon) on the side!

We offer a unique experience to both worlds in Eve which is a great generator of both content and ISK!

We offer ACTIVE leadership, members, and corp FCs for content generation.

We also offer corp hauling services to save your money when it comes to shipping

Small group feel with large fleet (and CAPS) action on a consistent basis!

You’re probably asking yourself by now how do I get in on this?

Well first you must meet our very simple requirements:

  • 1mil SP
  • Use our Discord/TS3/Mumble
  • Prove full ESI/Register on our AUTH
  • Be apart of our team and community we’re building

If you met these all you have to do is stop our Discord

or join our public channel in game: Black Flag Corsairs

Still searching for members!

Join our corp have some pew!

Wanna do PVP? Like merc work? Small gangss? Come join us today!

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