PvP Corporation Recruiting - Vitriolic Animosity


(rangerwolfy) #4

Yeah it is. Well just so you know not all big blue blocks are the same and right now there is anotherajor war brewing so… great time to join one

(Radjick DragonRider) #5

Ive been around Eve for almost a decade, at the end of the day, a big blue block is still a big blue block. I’ve gotten some interest and a few people so far, so will keep trying to recruit and build something with the goal of being a bit different for now.

(rangerwolfy) #6

Yeah we just got done with that. Keep me in mind if you change your mind

(Radjick DragonRider) #7

Recruiting is ongoing - picked up a few new folks and looking to settle into a low sec! Come chat with us today!

(Radjick DragonRider) #8

Picked up several folks - beginning to fill out a bit. Need more PvPers who are interested in giving something new and ambitious a start - coming from a bittervet myself :wink:

(Typ3Cast Sharvas) #9

Join, It’s fabulous.

(Radjick DragonRider) #10

Recruiting is going well, we’ve good a nice little chunk of active pilots - still looking for more to join us in our low sec adventure! If you want to do some Industry we got a spot for you too. Open a convo and brave something new!

(Dion Osira) #11

Hello fellow corp leader, I to have about the same intention, And do not wish to leave my current corperation, but. If building a bit in High sec, then moving low, then taking null is the intention. I do have myself, an owner of an an athnor as well, with several alts and a few friends who play. Perhaps we could work together toward a common goal. I’ve added you on discord. I won’t be on eve tonight but will be on tomarrow most of the day filling coffers with incursion’s and alt slavery :smiley: we should talk more,

(Radjick DragonRider) #12

Recruiting has been going well, starting to get decent activity. 1 Corp in alliance, another in shortly, and Vitri is growing. Looking for more Pvp pilots or indy guys with a bit of teeth to them. Come join us in low sec while we build towards Null!

(Radjick DragonRider) #13

Still growing - starting to get more and more kills out in low and looking for more PvP oriented folks to fly with us as we grow enough to prep for Null!

Looking for PvP pilots / Indy guys with teeth for corp and PvP focused corporations for alliance!

(Radjick DragonRider) #14

LF more PvP pilots!

(Radjick DragonRider) #15

Come on bittervets, enjoy Eve again instead of the same old boring F1 monkey stuff!

(Karura Hagakure) #16

Hey I sent you a discord friend invite. I would like to talk to you about your plans.

(Radjick DragonRider) #17

Growth is slow and steady - get in touch with us today!

(Radjick DragonRider) #18

LF PvP Pilots still

(Radjick DragonRider) #19

More folks please - things are going well just need some additional pilots

(Radjick DragonRider) #20

Recruiting going well - need more folks

(Radjick DragonRider) #21

KB shows more and more activity - more folks joining - let’s keep up the building

(Karura Hagakure) #22

Good time to get in on the ground floor of something special. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbro or a salty veteran with 100 million sp.

Jump on our recruiting channel VITRI Public and talk to one of us. We’re friendly and there is a rumor that we have cake. Just saying…

(Alabaster Askulf) #23

Growth is steady, more numbers are always good. Good group of guys.