PvP Corporation Recruiting - Vitriolic Animosity

KB shows more and more activity - more folks joining - let’s keep up the building

Good time to get in on the ground floor of something special. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbro or a salty veteran with 100 million sp.

Jump on our recruiting channel VITRI Public and talk to one of us. We’re friendly and there is a rumor that we have cake. Just saying…

Growth is steady, more numbers are always good. Good group of guys.

Lotsa folks joining - hit us up today for lots of… booms

Good group of guys. Hit us up on VITRI Public. Would love to chat with anyone interested in what we are doing here.

First real organized fleet last night, major success. Says a lot for the future!

LF More PvP pilots - get in touch with us today

Good group of guys to fly with. Experienced FC’s who are calm and like teaching. Active corp and alliance. Lots of stuff happening and new pilots are joining us everyday. Don’t miss out on the fun! Hit us up on VITRI Public channel or PM Karura Hagakure.

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Lots of cool things happening - hop in for a convo today and get some amusing pvp

So we are moving into our staging area. In a few days we will have sov in a couple of systems. Then the fun really begins.

We are looking for pilots for our corps and corps for our alliance. All we ask is that you are active. Are you a young pilot who wants to PvP but doesn’t know how? We can teach you. We have good & calm FC’s who will show you how to effectivly kill. Are you a worn out veteran tired of blob wars? Come back to your roots with small roaming gangs. Help mentor our newbros and recapture the fun that living in nullsec can be. Remember fun?

Chat with us on VITRI Public or PM Karura Hagakure if you would like a private chat.

We now own our sov! Come fly with us and find more people to blow up!

LF More pilots

Yea - still looking!

Still looking for a handful of active pvpers

LF active PvPers

How active would I need to be. I work an odd schedule. Just want to make sure of the expectations to make sure not waste anybody’s time.

Great group of guys. Also some of the best FC’s I have flown with in Eve. We are small but that won’t last for long. We have gone from living in Low Sec to holding sov in 7 systems. That took us a month. This is a chance to get in on something that is going to be special, at the ground floor level.

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No specific requirement on activity - prefer you not disappear for weeks on end but long as we know… RL first

Wanted more pvp pilots!

PvP Pilots still desired!