[PvP] [NOMADIC] Gunrunners. New Nomadic PvP Corp Now Recruiting! Newbros Welcome

Welcome to Gunrunners, a new nomadic PvP group recently created. We are looking for capsuleers from all walks of life to join us, whether you just started playing the game or you’ve been here for years. We’re looking for players who want to PvP, and don’t want to be stuck in the same old dead end pocket forever or surrounded by a cozy blue donut. We are looking to offer premier small-gang experiences as well as capital ship programs as we continue to grow.

Gunrunners is currently in its infancy, and is looking for people like you to fill our ranks. If being involved in the creation and upbringing of a brand new nomadic group sounds more interesting than joining your run of the mill nullsec bloc, this is the place for you.

For inquiry please check our in-game advertisement (corp name: Gunrunners.) or PM/mail Apollo Achasse in-game for more details. Currently recruiting US TZ players. Leadership opportunities may be available.

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