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I was on my way to pick up my first lvl 4 mission for caldari navy, and I got attacked at a warp jump. Was this because I was in low sec? I am a bit confused as to why I got attacked and jumped by 4 players. I was by Lonetrek Region constellation Mito 0.4 Nalvula Solar System. Are lvl 4 missions all in pvp area? I am really bumbed I just finished building my Golem. If I don’t want to pvp at all can I not do lvl 4 security missions?

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Okay… so I will try to answer your questions one by one:

Q: "Why was I attacked?"
A: You were in low security space (0.4 to 0.1 space). Pretty much anything and everyone there is a target. Even the players who blew you up.
This applies in null security and Wormhole space too. (0.0 to -1.0 space)

Q: "Are level 4 missions all in a PvP area?"
A: Technically yes? Even high security space (1.0 to 0.5 space) is considered a “pvp area” because anyone can attack anyone in the game at any time (note: there is A LOT more to this).
But… I know what you are really asking. You can find level 4 missions in high security space. You simply have to be careful and not take “shortcuts” to get to your destination (not unless you know what you are doing).

Q: "I don’t want to PvP at all…"
A: Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh… sorry bud. But you are in a game where PvP is all around you at all times.
You can certainly take precautions by avoiding people, not standing out (hint: flying with expensive equipment makes you stand out), and actually learning PvP mechanics (Yes, by learning how to PvP you can better avoid it. :slight_smile: ) … but at some point it WILL find you.

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Some LvL4 are in lowsec, most are in Hisec. It’s up to you to keep yourself safe by only accepting missions you’re willing to engage, including checking the security status of the system in question.

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High-sec is newbie space.
Low-sec is a piracy / PVP / fleet warfare area.
Null-sec is no-rules large and small scale PVP wars.
Wormhole space is small scale no-rules PVP fights.

You can do level 4 mission in high-sec, just find a Caldari Navy agent that’s at least 4 jumps away from lowsec. Since CCP’s Agency has reduced functionality, use an online Agent Finder.

As Shah said, you can get attacked even in high-sec if you’re flying a bling ship. Your Golem may be a nice loot piñata for someone; if it’s profitable they’ll sacrifice their own ship to Concord police to loot your stuff and make a profit. It’s called Suicide Ganking.

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so if I do missions in high sec on my raven would the chances of me being attacked be less?

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But you can also use a Golem. Just try not to use too many “expensive” modules (see: over 2 million per module).
It will be the modules that any high security gankers will be looking for as those are what drops when your ship explodes.

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alright thanks appreciate it

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and if the name of a place is in yellow that means its in low sec .4 and lower right?

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Not a problem. :slight_smile:

But before you go, I will emphasize one of my earlier points: Learning PvP (and even taking part in it) will help you better defend yourself.

There are many hunters in this game and they will try to use every loophole they can to engage you.
By learning the tactics and tricks they use, you can identify hostiles more quickly and can better defend / avoid / counter said hostiles,

You can also potentially make friends with other players… players who can help guide you in ways that you could never have thought of. :slight_smile:
Even befriending someone who blew up your ship can yield benefits. Simply be friendly and ask questions!

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Yellow should still be high security space if I remember correctly.

There is a feature in the auto-pilot menu that allows you to plot a “safer” route (see: 0.5 and higher).

(ISD Sakimura) #11

There are ways to make sure that you do not (can’t) get missions that takes you into or through Lowsec systems, when it comes to L4 security missions you will want to have at least 4-5 jumps to the nearest Lowsec system. That said there isn’t (I don’t think there is) a 100% chance you will avoid it this way.

A popular Mission Hub in the Lonetrek region is Oipo, here you can run all the L4 missions you want with out having to worry about getting Lowsec missions. However not sure if there is Caldari Navy L4 agents in that system, but if you don’t care much about who you’re working for then Ishukone is the Corp/Faction to do missions, I believe there are 2 L4 agents in that System/Station.

(ISD Sakimura) #12

Highsec (1.0 to 0.5) are ranging from Blue to Yellow spectrum.
Lowsec (0.4 to 0.1) are in the Orange spectrum.
Nullsec (0.0 to -1.0) are all red.

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High sec means high security, concord kills all bad boys.
Low sec means low security, some cannons try to help and attackers lose security status, but no concord ships anymore.
Nullsec means no security at all, no cannons, no concord, survival of the fittest.

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This wasn’t you, I presume: https://zkillboard.com/kill/68286508/

An MTU worth 19 times the ship… poor guy, we were about to show sympathy.
Don’t worry, I lost my first Cruiser in Lowsec, got into chat with my “killer” and had a helpful lesson about the “dos and don’ts” in Lowsec. And to be honest, I didn’t reach LvL 4 yet with any agent. How did you manage to get this far without finding out what’s low in lowsec?

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How is it your first L4 if you’re in a T2 fit Golem? Injectors? Anyway, yes, use a T2 fit Raven for starters.

Follow Shah’s advice.

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