[PVPVE] [USTZ] White Ice Industries - Nullsec Corp Looking For Members

White Ice Industries is a corporation based around all aspects of the game. We are focused heavily into industry and production. We do however, like to go and PvP in small fleets or with the regional gangs just to go and have fun. Our killboard is not impressive by any means but we like to enjoy the more peaceful side of the game while getting our fair share of action in.
If your looking for a corporation that has a laid back mentality while enjoying the game in sov null then give us a shot. (Check at bottom for contact info)

Offered Services:

  • Free 1 time jump freighter move
    - This is to move your stuff from highsec up to our home. :slight_smile:
  • Monthly moon extractions
  • Industrial facilities to do any industry you feel like
  • Ice harvesting available
  • Friendly Community
  • Corporation SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Ore Buyback
  • Secure sov null home
  • PvP Learning experience
  • Low Corporation Tax
  • Operations in most timezones
  • and More!

Corporation Requirements:

  • Active on comms (Discord)
  • Participation/Activity within the corporation
  • Members that are willing to progress and learn along with others

Backstory (If Interested): White Ice Industries was first founded by a close group of friends in highsec that wanted to have fun together just transporting things. We gained a following and started building a corporation around it. We eventually saved the money to place down our very first station which was a Raitaru at the time (This was expensive for us at the time). We had placed it in a system that we rented in Vale of the Silent when North CO. was there. After a while we disbanded, moved to the drone lands. Didnt like it so we gathered together again and created an alliance and moved down to CVA/Providence. Lived there for about 4 months then lost intrest in the game due to the war that happened and not having time to play. We are finally back and are looking to once again regrow into the corporation we once were for a prolonged period of time.

**Contact information:**
In-Game: DayzRunner Arran - Character Name
In-Game: David67111 Schatz - Character Name
In-Game Channel: White Ice Recruitment

Discord: DayzRunner#7923
Discord: David#9504

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