Qí and the Elder Visionaries

Qí has a Army the Elder Visioaries do not The provincial defense unit can easily be renamed the provincial Defense Army and walking to the old imperial capital. This is not a rebellion . This Civil War is over the representation of Achur at The CEP . Qí agreements with SuVee Qí governs there entire province including the cities in The province


What are you smoking and where can I get some.

Uh … the old imperial capital, like all the major cities on Achura, got converted to Caldari culture, control, and, well, architecture during the uplift, Ms. Shaishi.

Marching on it with an armed company will get you exactly one thing: shot.


I was referring to this http://backstage.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?topic=6599.0L and also I thought the Elder Visionaries Controlled the imperial capital

Urban cities regions.

There are still several places with a large ammount of autonomy.

And capsuleers in their ranks.

Qí be like

In Qí is my home province .this is why we have several agreements with SuVee and the main reason why the The provincial defense unit even a thing. Also it works with the peace and order unit A lot specially with in provincial Affairs

Ms. Shaishi, respectfully, the Caldari are not going to just sit quietly while an armed nationalist organization makes trouble. SuVee, being SuVee, will probably demand (even) more favorable trading terms from the Elder Visionaries as the price for putting down an armed uprising, leaving us weaker in the end.

Also, I think you may find that in the aftermath of certain pirate attacks and the theft of certain relics, the Elder Visionaries aren’t quite so totally unarmed as all that.

It might not be enough, but, either way, you lose your armed force and the Caldari negotiating position is strengthened. The Achura as a whole lose a little autonomy, and are left poorer and weaker for it.

In short: awful idea.

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in, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town.

All cities are urban.


So your consideration is regarding the strength to strike, not the cause itself?

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May I add this is all theoretical. Does the mainly thought experiment .what are the elder visionaries military forces is named I really want to know . The provincial defense unit is a full-scale armed forces and Qí produces a lot of stuff for SuVee for example The Qiāng Series . We also are planning to produce armored vehicles so that the the peace and order unit and the provincial defense unit don’t have to rely on kK weapons

Don´t bark.


Or don´t.


If something fun is about to happen, call me!

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People tend to be a lot more willing to listen to arguments about their tactics than their politics. “It will be a disaster,” is usually more persuasive than, “It’s wrong.”

Basically the entire Amarr Empire wants the State Reclaimed eventually. Why is almost nobody but Ms. Ayallah very noisy on the subject of doing so immediately, by conquest? Because it would be a disaster.

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Lack of will to do what it takes and putting obstacles to avoid starting the journey or finding objetcive ways to overcome it, and yet pacifying the cognitive dissonance by rationalization.

Got it.

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[quote=“Morgana_Tsukiyo, post:13, topic:7724”]Lack of will to do what it takes and putting obstacles to avoid starting the journey or finding objetcive ways to overcome it, and yet pacifying the cognitive dissonance by rationalization.

Got it.[/quote]

Or lancing a boil so the infection can heal.

So much comes down to how we look at things.


Or the way we don’t look at things; wilful blindness to consequence in service to unreasonable ideals, say.

Co co


The ultimate consequence is the thermic death of the universe by expansion and perhaps a crunch that resets the whole deal.

Don´t create excuses, just admit that either you don´t want to do something, or that you want and can´t.



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I’m impressed.

If “I want, but can’t, because I don’t want the obvious and unavoidable consequences” is somehow hard for you to understand, conceive, or accept, you may in fact have ■■■■ed your brain out.

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People care for what they care for. Harm to things they care about is a typical one. If cosmic perspective is all you embrace, Ms. Tsukiyo, should you really have anything to say about people’s subjective reasons?

Of course, the stars show no sign of caring about ultimate consequence, either. If you really had a cosmic perspective, there’d be no conversation for us to have.

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There is a tale about the Fox and some grapes that may give some clarity to your statement.

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There’s a tale about assumption of motive that you’re living.