QOL Pirate Arc

When flying the Guristas Arc I noticed that almost all frigates and destroyers are allowed:

This site is restricted to certain ship types. You must use one of the following types of ship:

•Assault Frigate
•Covert Ops
•Electronic Attack Ship
•Expedition Frigate
•Logistics Frigate
•Stealth Bomber

Except for the Tactical Destroyers, which, because of their versatility, are just the thing to be flown in a pirate arc.

CCPlease: add Tactical Destroyers to allowed ship in the pirat arcs.

Use a ceptor

Good reasoning, and interesting take on my proposal.

The main point of using an interceptor was nullification. Since this role bonus is no longer active, the reason to use it is missing for me.

But that doesn’t change the fact that T3D would be an enrichment.

And probably too OP, which is why they don’t want them used

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They are not better than any of the possible ships

Attack Frigates and Destroyers have more DPS.
Interceptors have better alignment time.

They are just more adaptable and would be an enrichment.

And to be against it, without reason, is a poor debate culture.

It’s not a quality of life change either btw.

You’re asking for the arcs to be easier and less risky.

Tech2 destroyers aren’t allowed (according to your list) but you want tech3?

T3D’s are generally far superior than any other frigate or destroyer in combat

Look at the Hecate and tell me you still believe this

T3D’s are the combat destroyer. They are by definition the straight upgrade from T1 dessies, as command dessies and dictors aren’t as good in pure combat ability, since they have other specialized roles. They are both highly adaptable AND very strong

In conclusion, T3D’s are the strongest combat ships in that size class, and if the arc is balanced around being doable in ceptors, then a T3D would be major overkill and just OP. Use an assault frigate if the nully changes completely ruined your ceptor


I do them in a slicer easily so a T3D would be just over the top for these.

There are no T2 destroyers in list. Why there should be T3?

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