QOL probe scanner UI button "center on self"

(Ben Ishikela) #1

Now that T3Ds are nerfed and T3Cs seem to be in order, its time.
Before, a siltent buff to expanded probes wouldnt have been in order.
For Wormholes only a little QOL.

Idea: Add a button to center the Probe formation on self.

So this is a buff to ongrid ninja probing. tactical bookmarks will be less secure.
why? because “time to probe” for stuff that is “ongrid” will be reduced significantly.

it also reduces the entry level to probing. because no f9 map required.

Have fun discussing!

(Rivr Luzade) #2

If you get the Center On Me button back, you will lose the probe formations. Basically, functionality from before the scanner system got a revamp. You cannot have both because it would be unproportionate powerful.

Ongrid probing is not really a relevant reason for this because only the initial probe setup requires the map.