Quafe Disscussion

I am here to ask about Quafe, is it fully alchohal or none alchohalic drink? also Quafe is a minecraft username.

Why I created this Article?

so you can tell what Quafe actually is, what it tasts like and how much Quafe would you buy from CCP Games?

List All ya facts

Quafe is the name of the most popular soft drink in the universe, manufactured by a Gallentean company bearing the same name. Like so many soft drinks, it was initially intended as a medicine for indigestion and tender stomachs, but the refreshing effects of the drink appealed to everyone and the drink quickly became tremendously popular. Quafe is one of the best recognized brands in the whole EVE universe and can be found in every corner of it. It is a soft drink made to help paerch your thirst while out and about in New Eden. There is a Alcoholic version named “Spiked Quafe”.
QUAFE is way better then STARI as well.

Did anyone else read about when Quafe was using biomass as it’s base ingredient?
Some of the back stories for New Eden are pretty crazy.


STARSI is Caldari, Quafe is Gallente. Its a competition who can sell more to who.

Act now! We are accepting more capsuleer corpse donations for that ever so special flavouring agents used in Quafe+ !

All hail Simuel Touvoux!

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