What is quafe supposed to taste like?

So, I was wonder what Quafe soda tasted like (what flavour). I was think something like grape or black currant, but I really have no idea. Maybe people could post their ideas below. Thanks!

Didn’t they actually sell some in real life? If so maybe the people that bought them can chime in. I am imagining it tasting like Sprite.

I remember them having cans of quafe in an old tournament from years ago, iirc someone took a sip and he REALLY didn’t like it.

It’s supposed to be the greatest soda ever, so… Coke Zero :sunglasses:

Mm. Tastes sour.

Soda = carbonated battery acid. :wink:

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White Claw and old socks…

Grape jack Daniels whiskey

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Actually, as a person who works in the analytical equipment sector, I can tell you that the pH level of battery acid is higher then a certain dark coloured carbonated soda that comes in a red can :wink:

A higher PH is less acidic. PH is neutral at 7 and gets more acidic as you approach 0.


A delightful promuform-and-guarana mix with just a hint of mango and a dash of passion fruit

Then there’s this variant for the more cultured among us:


I’m hoping they have other flavors… you can’t be the best soda in the universe and not be Coca-Cola, it just doesn’t work like that.


I know that. Just pointing out that Soda is actually even worse then carbonated battery acid😂

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