What does Quafe do? Where does it come from? Where does it go?

I’m not talking about Quafe Zero: that acts like a booster, and you can consume it like any other drug.
But as for the the regular Quafe…
It is widely available at trade hubs like Jita and Amarr, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. So why does it exist? Where do people get it from? Very curious on this one.

it’s a lore thing… kinda like the mountain dew of new eden.

there are items that do nothing that are in game but people RP collecting stuff


Thanks, that makes sense.
I have one more question: where does it come from? Given that it can be bought, from where does it originate? Is it sold by NPCs?

Biomass from corpses is used in at least some flavors of Quafe

Quafe quenches the thirst of the janitor I employ to tidy my hanger. I also supply him with frozen food, tobacco and holoreels to relax with off-duty. If he wants exotic dancers he can get his own.

Where does Quafe go? Into the recycling system after exiting people like my janitor. Well, where do you think the water we capsuleers use in our showers comes from?

cotton eye joe


i hate you, when i re-read the topic title before coming back in here, i started saying cotton eye joe :stuck_out_tongue:


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