The Quafe Zero Mystery

My name is spacecatgurl but you can call me cat for short. I came across a interesting little bit of information while reading up on Quafe Zero.

Quafe Zero small text

Quafe Zero is a product of the Quafe Company. Quafe does not condone the use of boosters or other illicit substances. The Quafe Company disavows responsibility for any side effects caused by consuming Sleeper technology.

Warning: Quafe Zero is designed for capsuleer use only. Side effects experienced by non-capsuleers include but are not limited to dizziness, blindness, nausea, internal hemorrhaging, IBS, sleepwalking, amnesia, sexual deviancy, vision changes, acute epidermal sloughing, partial or total loss of motor control, and minor skin rash.

Quafe Zero is manufactured in the Phoenix constellation.

Quafe Zero: Multiply your eternity by Zero!

I consider that it’s probably nothing but I like to be a Goonie about roleplaying my EVE Online experience and go on a quest starting with the Phoenix Constellation. Maybe I can find the secret that will get me these boosters hidden or stored somewhere to be discovered by those adventurers that dare.

I’ll keep a log in this thread :blush:

Any information or help is grately appreciated.




You should look into how Quafe worked with Lai Dai to create and distribute soft-drink induced transneural micro-controllers to sway the last Federal election…


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