QUAFE COMPANY - Commercial Holoreel mishap implicates Guard

Hello Capsuleers,

Recently while traveling round the Cosmos, my Sub-space Communications Array picked up this report on the CSPA Local Network. I can not confirm or deny the validity of this report, only that it was just recently released.


QUAFE COMPANY - Commercial Holoreel mishap implicates Guard.

Quafe Company has recently issued a statement about a Holoreel Commercial to showcase a new Capsuleer Beverage originally intended to be called “Quafe Forever”.

During the recording, inside sources say that just before the ‘Quafe Company’ Hologram Logo materialized, a mishap happened on the set while the commercial was being downloaded.

Details are unconfirmed at this time but we did manage to get a Screenshot of the incident.

There are also unconfirmed reports that when the mishap happened, Audio clearly recorded somebody shouting “WTH ? … Guard ? … GUARD !!!

When asked for a statement, Poire Viladillet - Quafe Company C.E.O. for over 35 years - had this to say:

"That little mishap was actually a blessing in disguise. In fact, Quafe Company is proud to announce we will be changing the name of our new Capsuleer Beverage to “Quafe Guard.”

Currently the identity of the person associated with this incident is unknown.

Rumors have it that authorities are looking to question @CCP_Guard


Impressive that you managed to pick up such a small signal!

He’s used to handling small things every day.

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