Quality of Life 02: Immersion

  1. Ship Clarifications

Well, we have a heavy assault cruiser, haven’t we? And by logic, if there is a heavy version of something, there should also be a light version. But actually there is no light assault cruiser. It took me ages to understand this.

Please: change “Heavy Assault Cruiser” to “Assault Cruiser”, which is just a more powerful T2 version of a normal T1 combat cruiser.
For frigates it was done correctly … a more powerful frigate, an assault frigate, was brought into the game, and correctly names “Assault Frigate” and not “Heavy Assault Frigate” what would make no sense.

The interdiction cruiser is namend heavy interdictor but no corresponding on the interdiction destroyer. This ship class should then be renamed light interdictor of course.

  1. Missile Clarification
    Where are the LIGHT ASSAULT MISSILES? Same story here … if there are heavy assault missiles I also expected light assault missiles to be somewhere. I needed days to understand that this would actually be rockets.

So please:
Either change “Heavy Assault Missiles” into “Assault Missiles” to be in range with rockets and torpedos
OR change rockets to “Light Assault Missiles” (like we also have light missiles and heavy missiles for long range engagements).

  1. Flight Modes
    Many ships have 2 different fligth modes:
  • combat mode : wings opend, weapons extracted, gun ports opened and such …
  • flight/warp mode: wings folded, weapons retracted, gun ports closed and such …

It makes no sense that a ship that leaves a dock does this in combat mode.
No military does this.
It makes no sense that for a warp jump of only a few mere parsec a ship goes to warp mode, foldes / retracts stuff and appears at target without having this even finished.

Please changes this.
Ships leave dock, fly and warp around ALWAYS in flight mode.
Combat mode is only activated when targeting a ship (so this could be implemented into the targeting function/module in the source code)

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