Quantum Core 72 Hour Expiration Window

Quantum Cores should not be a stockpilable asset from NPC vendors or raiding party structure loot. Proposal asserts that Quantum Cores of any size break down into common elements after 72 hours from either;
a. time of purchase from NPC vendor, or
b. time of drop from structure destruction or unanchor,
unless plugged into a new structure or sold back to an NPC vendor before the time limit expires.


The time crunch spurs risky logistics ops to get a Quantum Core to an anchoring structure on time or getting loot sold timely to NPC vendors under adversarial conditions in their respective areas of High, Low, and Null Sec space. If player entities can disrupt raiders ability to extract loot in a timely fashion they could deny them the full spoils of war.

I like how you managed to take a new and yet unimplemented idea and just make it astronomically worse.


Well, my name isn’t Pearl Abyss Riser ¯\ (ツ)

Whatcha drinkin? I want some.

Even better - CCP should only sell them for 1 month, then turn off all the NPC sell orders. Let people fight over them :slight_smile:

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