Queen Sac - 3 mill skill point minimum PVP Wormhole Corp

We are a chill wormhole corp. We primarily do mining, gas harvesting and alliance PVP. We accept nearly anyone who has 3 mill skill points and above.

What we offer currently:

-Mining boosts to improve income Help to new players

-Wormhole citadel

-Free fitted ventures for newbies

-A community of chill players

-Moon Mining

What we plan to offer soon:

-Corp PVE

If you are interested in joining or have any questions message one of our recruiters We will be primarily communicating through discord Queen Sac

YAYEETER YEETS6 (In game name)

Bl4CKlight Anthar (In game name)

What class is your wormhole? What times is the Corp most active?

I’m considering joining a Corp but it must be active 5am to 7am Eve Time.

Hello, what kind of wormhole is it? C2 , C3?

C2 sorry for the really late response

Thread closed due to a more recent one being posted.