Quest corpses Jove agro

Not a topic that will affect many but perhaps some thing that would help new players.
Picked up red’s corpse for the SOE arc jumped to the jove beacon instead of the mission point dead before i could warp. Not a huge problem for me more yay get to go ship shopping.
However having a mission item that is also flagged as an agro item for a powerful race and a resulting insta death if you fly to the wrong point is the sort of thing that does discourage new players.
Having the few dead people you need to pick up for what is many new players serious mission chain not flagged for sleeper retrieval might help a few newbros out.

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Is it? I doubt that you would not be blown up if you warp there with empty cargohold. Maybe I don’t know something about the situation, though.

Lancers will do the same if you got corpse in cargo, and they are at random places, including gates.

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