Salvage / Noctis Agro

Hi, Returning player here.

If I take a Noctis on a second account in with a lvl 4 mission with my mission runner. Can my noctis get Agro from the npcs? This Noctis will not attack, but will release Salvage drones and salvage itself (and tractor beam).

Currently I am clearing the rooms then sending my Noctis in. Is it possible for my Noctis to get Agro?

Thank You.

Yes it can.

Yes it can. Bookmark each pocket of mission and warp to them once you complete said mission. Rats will despawn and wreck will stay.

you can warp in during the mission, drop a MTU, BM it, then leave the battlefield (or do that after your main cleaned the field) .

I don’t know about missions but I can assure you that my Noctis will always, always take aggro when entering a null sec anom. I do as Anderson said, I just drop the MTU, BM it and warp out. I don’t know why they are so mad at my noctis, but you better clear the frigates or put some core stab in case of.

because it has a bigger signature so more rats will have it higher in priority list.

Also noticed my noctis was targeted first in anoms.

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