Question about corporations creating contents

Hi there !
I’m a new comer in Eve and I would like to know if it exists some corporations focused on creating online events and in particular, races, rallies, treasur quests…
I found the game’s mechanics perfect for this kind of challenges and would like to be a part of it.
Thanks !

There used to be the Sub-warp Racing Venture, the Interstellar Racing Championship, and a few others I’ve forgotten the names of. Sadly, I don’t think any are currently active, at least not in the racing area.

I sometimes think about organizing a sub-warp race myself (the citadels have given me some ideas for tracks), but I like racing a lot more than organizing one.

I checked up in game and all those corporations are effectively sleeping. Think a rally with riddles related to the lore could be fun ! Maybe could it be running with the dev api ! Sounds good!
Don’t forget to alert us if you find the motivation ! I don’t have enough time to think about and still know anyone in New Eden.
See you on the starting block !!

Heads up! (This one is hosted by roleplayers in character.)

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