Sub Warp Race: Ikao (119/11/12 @ 22:00 NEST)

Greetings Pilots and readers of IGS!
This is Yucie Van Burean of Vanks, and I am happy to announce the return of Sub Warp Racing!

What is Sub Warp Racing some of you maybe asking.
Simple! These are races in which pilots race around a track at sub warp speeds!
There will be astounding rewards and thrills!

There is an upcoming race in Ikao! It will take place on 119/11/12 at 22:00 NEST.
It will take place near the Veggie Farm upwell structure.
Pilots who are interested in participating are invited to fill out the entry form.
Everyone who is interested in asking questions or posting comments are welcomed to respond!

Current Prize Pool:
1st place: 350,000,000 isk
2nd place: 200,000,000 isk
3rd place: 100,000,000 isk


  1. All entries are limited to 1 pilot. This means no outside assistance or interference.
  2. All contestants submit an entry form prior to race.
  3. No use of MJD. Use of MJD is an automatic loss.
  4. No firing upon or otherwise destroying raceway or contestants. Aggressor faces automatic loss with other possible actions.

Please stay tuned for further details!

Entry Form
Pilot Name:
Ship Name:
Team or Corp Name:


Calling it now, Yucie has the entire race ganked halfway through. :wink:


Why? Is she a race-ist?


Is webbing okay? It’s not firing upon or destroying?

You think she will let us make it halfway? :wink:


Look… Just because the race may be setup in Recon 3 of 3 doesn’t mean it was done on purpose. It’s just a coincidence.



Please let us know if you have any modifications your would like done to the race way prior to the race as soon as possible.

–Patricia, The Skadi Imperium


Webbing would be considered “firing upon”

:slightly_frowning_face: I think a race where everyone is trying to “trip” the other racers would be more fun. :wink:


*Fits drake with titan micro warp drive.


I will enter this race

Pilot Name: Ayallah
Ship Name:
Team or Corp Name: Sniggerdly



How strange that we were talking about the old Sub Warp racing league.

Boo the Vigil doesn’t have a base speed bonus anymore :frowning:

Well, I can’t really let Ayallah go at it alone…
@Yucie_Van_Burean: Some clarification on how to navigate around the track/checkpoints would be appreciated.

Entry Form
Pilot Name: Ché Biko
Ship Name: Grim Axii Firefly
Team or Corp Name: 10-segrity


Looks like you need more racers . . . I might as well give it a shot.

Entry Form
Pilot Name: Persephone Alleile
Ship Name: Blip
Team or Corp Name: Tartarus Covert Operations


Franco Phonaga will pilot the Palladium Sloop for team Unlimited Liability

The race did not happen.

I have heard that Yucie’s corporation was recently stolen from, perhaps she went planet-side prior to the entries coming in because of the fallout. I obtained this information from a second hand source so I may be simply mistaken as to why the race did not take place.

In the interest of promoting my newly developed and named racing ship HOTBLACK DESIATO, and as a benchmark for other pilots to measure I will share the speeds I was able to achieve in the one test flight under extremely dangerous conditions as well as on the practice runs leading up to it.

above 15km/s -cap stable, cold
above 22km/s -hot

above 145km/s [unsustainable]

Even though Yucie was not present to host the race today I would still like to thank her and the other entrants for presenting the challenge and inspiring a very interesting project in ship development and theory-crafting. I would additionally like to thank Pandemic Legion, Propel Dynamics, Itsukame Innovations, Duvolle Laboratories, Lai Dai, their partners Carthum Conglomerate, and Kaalakiota for their contribution of engineers, systems, and testing equipment.

While we did not get to race I feel as though the effort all involved put forward developing HOTBLACK DESIATO in such a short time payed off more than any ISK reward. Our test flight was a resounding success and I believe the ship will hold the speed record until new technological breakthroughs.

I greatly look forward to putting HOTBLACK DESIATO to the test in future races or demonstrations, though in truth I may not fly this ship again myself, it was not an experience I wish to repeat soon.

I sincerely hope that one day in a future race some other team and their pilot will cause me to redefine speed in the way that this challenge already has, either in partnership in the mutual goal of absolute speed of modified warships, engineering development, or in defeat.


Well I mean, let’s be honest here. You have to be a special type of stupid to trust Funkie with… well… anything, really.

Let’s hope Yushi learned from this mistake!


Funk ■■■■■■ this up? I half expected her to come gank me, but this…

@Ayallah: According to this outdated listing you may have more than doubled the speed record in the Unleashed League: Speed Records
I would love to race (against) this creation. I imagine it would be quite a challenge to keep all that power on a typical sub-warp race track.

Edit: Oh, another party is likely going to host (a) frigate race(s) on December 14th.


Mmm, I do not think so.

The Magnate would win in any race I think, HOTBLACK DESIATO can maintain it’s top speed only for an extremely limited amount of time. If the race was only a few hundred kilometers perhaps. Though, it looks like the Magnate cannot sustain for long either so who knows.

I cannot elaborate more without spoiling before a race just how the HOTBLACK DESIATO works but I consider the magnate to be superior in anything less than an unlimited demonstration of velocity.

I am however, extremely happy with my results and will be contacting that record listing to perhaps construct a demonstration. HOTBLACK DESIATO will have certainly created its own category and it will be up to individuals to judge if it is truly faster than the magnate or not.

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