Question About Drones

So I was under the impression that if I trained the Drones skill up to level 5 I could pilot a max of 5 drones. After grinding my skill up I am only able to deploy 4 and I am getting a message saying that is the max amount allowed for my drone piloting level. Is there a second skill I need to train? What am I missing?

Are you double sure you got the skill to V? There is no other skill needed to raise amount of drones, 5 is the maximum

Also check the bandwidth of the ship you are flying versus the bandwidth required by 5 of the drones you want to fly. Your ship needs to be able to support the 5 drones.

Otherwise, clear cache and try again. It does happen that the game isn’t updated and does not let you do things you should be able to.


Thanks guys. Everything was maxed and was trying to deploy them with a Tristan. I guess I needed to log off and log back in for EVE to acknowledge that I’d maxed Drones out. Before now I would just close out of the window.


A lot of people report having this problem in Rookie Help chat, and as far as I can tell it’s as described above by Erethond, a delay between you acquiring the skill and the game accepting that you have acquired the skill. Docking + Undocking, Logging out and back in again, clearing your cache or just waiting a bit should see the issue dissapear if you do indeed have Drones V.

Well, a Tristan has a bandwidth of 25 Mbit/sec, so 5 light should work out. My Imicus just has 20, so all my skills won’t help.
But make sure you don’t try to launch a Hammerhead or other medium sized drone.

I have to ask why not?
As a general statement I tend to agree that mediums in a Tristan may not be the best option for most situations. However with their additional toughness (EHP) mediums can be an excellent choice in some situations even when the lower DPS output is considered.

Perhaps I should finish my sentence with “if you want to launch 5 drones with a Tristan”. Bandwidth does only allow 25 Mbit/sec, that’s either 5 light, 3 light + 1 med, 1 light + 2 med, or just 1 heavy.

And the light drones pack the mos punch PER Bandwith. 5 lights do more damage than 1 heavy.

Sorry there is no perhaps about this. When posting in the area specifically for new players to ask questions you need to make sure your statements contain complete information so your ideas can be understood by everyone.

Thank you for the explanation of drones and bandwidth I am sure it will help someone, useless for me since I have been flying drones ships since 2009.

True, and in a PvP situation I would even agree with you the higher DPS output of the lights would be the deciding factor. However there is more to drones than PvP and in some of those other areas the additional EHP offered by the mediums or even a single heavy is more important than the small additional DPS output offered by the lights.

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