Help with gallente drone ship guide

So haven’t played eve in a couple of years. I want to start playing it as solo doing PVE mission with Gallente Drone boats. Does anyone have a guide or a skill plan I could use as a form progression for them. My goal is to do incursions later on.

A good start would be to look at the

  • drone skills (5 drones prio)
  • gallente ship skills up to the size you’re intrrested in flying
  • ‘magic 14’ skills to flesh out your support skills (google)

Get the basic skills to level 3, eventually 4 and you’re good to go.
Level 5 to unlock useful things like ‘5 drones’ or ‘T2 drones’ but otherwise level 5 is often too long a train for the effect for a newbie.

I don’t know enough about incursions to help you with that.


I think that’s what they made these “Mastery” sections for. If you master e.g. a Myrmidon at IV, it should work pretty well.
This said the basic core skills should be given, and this way we find the Magic 14 again.

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The ‘mastery’ skills can be nice for inspiration for skills to train, but don’t expect too much from them.

I usually ignore the mastery skills for ships, often they tell you to train the wrong thing and encourage you to train skills that do not apply to your fit or use of the ship at all.

PvE on drone boats has always been a slow endeavor, but extremely safe. If you ever want to clear content more faster consider changing onto a turret based hull.

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