Back after 13 years! Need help, lol

Hello Community :slightly_smiling_face:

So as the title says, 13 years ago was my last time playing EVE. Unfortunately I no longer have that account… but I only did some basic Expo & Mining up to a Hulk.

I’m very excited to be back - which probably explains the longer post - and this time I want to get my hands dirty and learn how to fly some of the biggest & coolest ships.

I’ve decided I’d love to eventually learn fly a Nyx, but I know that’s a long road.

The reason I’m posting here specifically is because just running missions has really helped me improve my understanding of ships, fittings, dangers, gameplay, etc. I’m a couple SOE missions away from fighting Dagan in my Cormorant.

Since I need to train all Gallente ship types on the road to carrier, I was thinking that getting to learn how to fly them all might be a good way to improve my fitting + combat knowledge while also help me progress through to T4 missions.

Does anybody have advice on a great Gallente ships for getting through missions so I can eventually blitz level 4s?

Since I’m so broke for ISK, I really can’t afford to buy too much stuff until I remember how to make bank. Sucks being poor all over again, lol. This is why I’m going to streamline my road to Gallente Carriers from the start - including relevant ships, weapon skills/types, or even other activities (don’t know what’s been added to the game).

Hopefully I get a reply, so thanks for any suggestions that can help me become a better player so i can eventually help corps in their fights!

Well, if you want to get into a nyx and avoid “wasting” SP on skills you don’t need for it you need to go for the gallente drones ships:
Tristan >Algos>Vexor>Myrmidon>Dominix.

Fortunately, drone ships are quite effective for mission running. So you will not have much trouble if that is how you plan to make isk.
Along with the skills for the hull itself, get drone skills and armor tanking skills. Also work in your support skills (but for your own good don’t train only support skills, you will be without skills to be supported by it), social skills will boost mission rewards, neural enhancements will allow implants, boosters and jump clones.

Finally, a warning:
It takes a lot of SP and player knowledge to get into a Nyx and even more to fly it well. Setting such long objective in despite of everything else there is in the game can be a recipe to get frustrated, don’t let your desire to rush to the “endgame” prevent you to enjoy “the game”. Also there is always the risk of losing it (in some ways, more risk than what you need to deal with when flying subcapital ships)


Thanks for the tips!

Long term goals wont be a problem for me, I’m a grinder and don’t get burnt out easily.

I guess the reason I was interested in moving towards a Nyx was based on research it seemed like it had a lot of PVP potential if I develop good strategic skills (which I want to learn), but can also do the highest levels of PVE.

As for making ISK running missions… I don’t know if that’s the best use of my time. I’m doing the missions for the learning.

After that not sure - I don’t remember at all what’s out there.

13 years! Dang, Rumpelstilzken, that’s quite the break!

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Well, yes and no.
Ships are tools. And there are tasks you simple can’t do with a sledgehammer. And that is why, given enough time, most player will end up able to fly a large variety of ships according with what they are attempting to do.
To move around in a Nyx you will need scouts and cyno, you will need tackler to hold the targets and an entire fleet to get out of trouble when you screw it up. Even when you are not using it you need to deal with limitations you don’t have for other ship.
I’m not saying to abandon your goal of flying a nyx at some point, however don’t pass on other interesting and useful ships you can get.

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I’m definitely not dead-set on my plan, and you bring up good points.

Even of I abandon the idea a few months in… Getting myself up to a well-fitted Dominix doesn’t sound bad at all.

So what you mentioned about other ships being very useful, did you have any in mind?

I know there are TONS of ships and it’s a silly question… But for my first year I’d like to be able to tackle any PvE out there (I read something about Incursions - don’t know what it is) and at least get become competent in PvP.

Gal ships all do well in PvE and PvP. Each respective ship will burn thru missions with the right skills. For 4s, domi might take a little longer but it’ll be easy with sentries/MJD.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Maybe if I get rich I’ll just get a Vindicator… Now that’s a beautiful ship.

Incursions are end-game / high-level PvE content that require a fleet to be run. The hardest incursion sites (called Headquarter sites) require up to 30 battleships along with tech II logistic and/or tech III cruiser support to even be survivable because of the insane amount of damage dealt and the myriad of ECMs that the NPCs use.

Needless to say, the ships required to run incursions are eye-wateringly expensive, along with very high skills required to properly fly them. There is a group called Warp To Me that do public incursion fleets (a short introduction to incursions written by them), they have a fitting guide here to refer to as something to work towards, as well as certain requirements listed here to effectively complete an incursion site.

The good thing is that incursions pay pretty damned well, so if this is something you want to eventually do, these guides will let you know what to work towards.

I appreciate you sharing this.

I’ve heard of WTM - didn’t know much before now but their rep precedes them

All three of these documents are extremely well-written and informative… Although #3 is a little overwhelming :sweat_smile:

Ship requirements page is eye-opening!

I feel the best way to find out what ship you want to fly is to ask, what do you want to be able to do with a ship?

Capitals and especially super capitals are very enticing due to the damage potential they can bring, but they also have their own set of vulnerabilities and headaches. You need to be part of a larger group of players that you trust, not only to cyno and scout, but to be able to deal with any counter drops the enemy may through your way. There is a lot more planning that needs to be done than a simple pvp roam would require.

A smaller scale version of the above that you may want to try out would be black ops gangs. You can get into them pretty early with just a stealth bomber and train your way up to recon cruiser, then the Black Ops BB itself, it will teach you a lot of the planning and scouting techniques that will help with that kind of game play.

Per your suggestion I did some light reading on Black Ops as well as Stealth Bombers, Recon Cruisers and then Black Ops Battleships (though I slightly died inside when I saw the Nemesis has the same look as a Dominix).

I’m definitely very interested in learning the skills necessary to fly those ships - I want to extend and my gameplay ability.

Ultimately I’d like to be able to play all aspects of EVE at some point. I just want to do it in a logical manner.

Right now I want to work on my Drone skills so I’ve prepared my little Algos fit. Then I’ll do Vexor-Myrmidon-Dominix (Sentry fit I guess). After that not sure… I assume it’ll take 6-months to a year to accomplish this anyways with solid skills 🤷

When I started training someone advised me to go the algos-myrm-dom route, and I didn’t take their advice as I wanted to ‘fly everything’. Now I have sp but it’s all over the map, and while I can technically fly a lot of boats half-assed, I regret the route. I was reminded of that when Pan Dora (I think) suggested it to you; suspect you are doing the sane and logical approach.

Plus with good drone skills you can expand into the guri ships pretty easily and worm/gila is great for most PvE content.

Yeah Bitter, learning to focus Drones (it’s been a TON of reading, holy moly) seemed daunting at first. But through all my research and drafting of skill plans I’ve realized that there’s so many smaller but fun ships I can fly as I progress upwards.

I can definitely now see that in EVE you don’t want to move upwards in a straight line, training only the bare minimum skills to reach your dream ship. Conversely, training a wide spectrum of skills on a more horizontal plain might also not be as efficient. Not too get too metaphorical here, lol, but I feel like my skill and growth path - based on everyone’s great advice so far - is like a tornado sweeping up focused skills and support skills together.

Worm/Gila is great for DED and abyss stuff if you get bored of mission running. Domi also does 4s pretty well. easy to MJD out to 100km and snipe with sentries and repeat.

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As somebody who can fly all subcap types but actually flies only small stuff…. big stuff is incredible slow to move, expensive to lose, and inefficient except for a few niche tasks.

Over the years playing EvE, and with getting older I lost the patience to wait, plan and prepare things. Small ships just let you login, roam around, yolo into what ever you feel the mood to do, and don’t care about dying / reshipping. If you need more power just group up.

My advice, don’t rush all the way up to the big toys, take some time to embrace the fast pace action in small stuff.

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