Question about faction hit

On the subject of the missions that involve racial faction hits…

Does the faction hit come from turning in the mission or killing the faction mobs or both?

Could I use an alt, to kill the gallente/minmatar in such missions while keeping my main docked and still be able to turn in the quest without a faction hit?

Thank yah…Thank yah very much.


Shooting the NPCs will slightly affect faction standings. I believe the adjustment is determined off the “largest ship you’ve shot at in the past tick time”. But that is secondhand knowledge, so take it with a grain of salt.

For Storyline missions, the faction standings change for the faction you’re doing missions for, and their relationships. Your faction’s “friends/enemy” faction standings are affected “up to” (or “down to”) the amount based on the relationship between the faction whose mission you’re doing and their relationship with the other faction.

As an example, take the Minmatar Republic:

They have a 4.0 relationship with Thukker Tribe, so as long as you do tons of Minmatar faction storyline missions, you’ll also gain Thukker Tribe standings, but only up to a cap of 4.0. Similarly, you’ll lose Caldari State faction standings, but only down to a floor of -2.0.

Shooting NPCs doesn’t have this effect.


You can use another toon to kill the enemy/ destroy the structure. Fleet members dont take hits to standings unless they do damage to enemies or structures.

Using eve wiki or eve survival will help you to see faction enemies in missions and the standings hit youll take

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I just keep getting faction missions. Its like the game wants me to either have a negative faction rating w/ minmatar/gallante or it wants me to stop running missions. I got to the point yesterday where I couldn’t decline another one, I declined one, then another for a .9 agent standing hit. So tried a drone assembly site in my .9 system. That was super easy w/ just about 6 drones w/ 4k bounty on each, and they were one hit kills. So then I saw a “smuggler hide out” I warped there… was quckly locked down and blown up. That was not expected. No warning at all. I guess that is my fault for not looking up information on them before I entered.

Today I got “a million little pieces” almost back to back. I did it the first time w/ a friend and took a nice faction hit but made some decent isk. The very next mission was “Slaves must be returned” (minmatar faction hit) I declined that. I request another mission and I get " a million little pieces again".

So logged off. I"m sure by now I can log in and decline that one as well.

Question. How bad is life in New Eden if you have a minus -5 or worse rating w/ minmatar AND gallente as a Caldari/Amarrian?

Edit: I thought I could just go to the system nearby and start doing faction missions for Gallente but it turns out the faction increases are for the corporation only…and the only actual repair that will come to my bad rep (already approaching minus 2) are the story line missions that come every 16 mission (or so).

I"m thinking about rolling a couple alts who’ll do nothing but faction missions.


Who are you running missions for? What corp?

To repair faction standings youll need to do storyline missions (which affect other factions negatively,

You can also do the SoE arc and pick a faction to gain standings for every 3 months, you can also do the epic arcs (which are level 4) for each individual faction.

Level 3 missions tend to have more faction missions than any other level.

Ministry of Internal Order (Security)


What if I just say “screw it” and get a a minus 10 rating w/ minmatar/gallante.

How will life be for me in the game? Could I just use alts for commerce into these areas?

Will I be hamstringing any employment opportunities I might have with player made corps?


Just read through this NPC standings - EVE University Wiki

And I must say… in my opinion it is a complicated mess, apparently I’m losing faction w/ Gallente, Caldari, and Minmatar simply by doing storyline missions for Amarr, even if they don’t involve combat w/ them.

So i’m just a few days in w/ two accounts and already i’m closing in on -2 for both accounts w/ minmatar and gallente.

I logged off this morning in frustration and honestly don’t feel like logging back in again.

This is all very confusing and frustrating.

Storylines are not required to do. You shouldnt lose any standings with caldari if you are running missions for amarr.

Standings are a mess. And you can reach out to the united standings improvement agency and we can help you gain a better understanding of how all this works.

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Thank you very much for the reply.

I’ve starting training Diplomacy and that seems to be helping a lot.

I am in the process of moving temporarily to Gallente space for a few days to build a up a standings “buffer”.

It seems that my work here in Amarr has given me almost as much standing w/ Caldari as it has with Amarr is this correct?

And if it is…

Will my mission running for the Gallente space give me derived standing with Minmatar as well?

And one last question…

I’ll have to accept every storyline for the Gallente (minus the ones that dirrectly attack ammar/caldari of course).


How negatively will the derived standings affect my current amar stading of 1.5 if I bring my Gallente up to 1.5 (with Diplomacy 3)?

This already sounds too complicated to answer so I understand if you don’t have one.

I"m committed to this plan either way.

Thanks again.

Edit: Also can anyone explain why i have two names up at the top?

That won’t happen.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the derived standings only happen “up to” and “down to” a cap. For the Amarr Empire:

You will hit at worst a -5 Minmatar and -2 Gallente derived standings. Your Caldari state will increase up until a +5 standing.

At -5 faction standing is when you do start to have problems entering systems of that faction.

Yes, see my above comments.

You will have to go to the “show info” page for the Gallente Federation and check its relationships, just like I’ve done here twice in this thread.

This is very difficult to determine ahead of time, unfortunately.

The left is just a display name, the right is the forum system name – how you tag people in the forums (notably, underscores instead of spaces).

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At below -5.00 faction. Through derived standings you can never drop below precisely -5.00 (base) standing, meaning you will not be aggressed by empire NPCs so long as you don’t shoot at them.


Thanks for the correction.

Also, I guess for completeness we should add that the faction police are out-runnable and they are not CONCORD guaranteed death sentences.

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Very outrunnable. I have flown Marauders through Gallente space while sitting at -9.98 with them.

It’s also worth noting that due to the Sister of EVE existing, the Gallente/Minmatar side of the empire factions is far easier to fix than the Amarr/Caldari side.

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I appreciate all the replies.

I think my solution is going to be to run some level 1 and 2 missions for a couple days, that and get my diplomacy up to lvl 3 or more and all should be good. Its already tolerable with diplomacy 2.

I’ll avoid the temptation of doing those lucrative missions that involve name tags.

Diplomacy will help as will connections

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