Question about image format in forum & battle report

o/ all,

Reading the forum, i see most people have their uploaded pictures fitting the page. I tried to post some pictures myself but contrary to imgur or reddit, my pictures don’t resize to fit the space.

My images are in png-24 and always less than 2mo.

In the same way, when i link a post, the picture present in said post don’t appear in the link’s window, contrary to what i saw other people managed to do.

I tried to find info on the forum and google but found nothing about image formatting.

So thanks a lot for your help !

Second question : does anyone know how to remove unrelated kills in a zkillboard battle report ?

For instance i would like to remove the vexor killed by a npc rat in the fllowing BR :

Again thanks a lot for your help !


There isn’t a way now that it is there.

Squizz Caphinator (creator of zkillboard) has people asking him all the time (and offering to pay). He stays completely neutral and won’t remove any kills, for anyone.

So it’s there forever now.

you can specify a specific image size for the forums to use:

! [< Name of Pic > | < Image size >] ( < upload:filename > or direct image link)

  • “< Name of Pic >” replace this with the “Tooltip” name, as in what it will say when you hover mouse over the Image.
  • “< Image size >” replace this with the size (pixels) you want the image to shown at, Format: width x height.
  • “< upload:filename >” will be auto-generated when uploading a picture.
  • lastly remove the spaces in the above “Quote”

Thanks @Elaniera and @ISD Sakimura,

Two little more questions :

Is there any website giving the kill/ratio of an alliance in a particular region ?

About image formatting, which size does the forum require to adjust said image to the post ? ( aka which size do i need to input in < Image size > ?)

Thanks again,

you can pretty much use any size you want, I’d just recommend that you keep the ratio of the image intact (not “stretching” it) for example you can scale a 1920x1080 (FullHD, which is 16:9) pic down to like 960x540. just multiply the image’s original size by a factor; 1.25 == 125%, 0.75 == 75%, 0.5 == 50% and 0.25 == 25% you get the idea

if you do not specify a size the forum will always use the original size if possible, otherwise it will adjust the size to fit the max width.

Legit question or stealth corp advertisement… Hmm…


Actually I am planning to create a whole AAR of the previous weeks in providence.

And until now, I was just unable to fix those damn images in my posts. Once i fix this, will remove the links ( since the images linked will be fixed and no longer relevant for the discussion).

Edit : removed the example from the recruitment section but replaced them by another post having the same problem.

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