Ushra'Khan / Operation Homestead : we come for our birthplace

Matari brothers and sisters, free people of New Eden,

Twelve years ago, we built the Unity Station outpost in 9UY4-H, fighting both the pirates and the slavers to free the Providence region.

This conflict raged for four years.

Outnumbered we lost the station once but retook it : you only loose something when you give it up and stop fighting for it. We didn’t and pushed back the slavers.

The last time we left providence was then as victors, giving all our assets to our allies to embrace a nomadic lifestyle in the tradition of the Thukker tribe.

Since this time, our alliance never came back to null-sec territories and joined the Minmatar militia to fight and die on a daily basis against the Amarr. Among other feats of honour and bravery, we conquered the entire warzone.

In the meantime, Providence changed hands again, falling prey to the Amarr Operation Deliverance. Brining slavery and religious oppression in their wake, the slaver alliance Curatores Veritatis Alliance once again wrapped a shroud of darkness on the hopes and freedom of the inhabitants of Providence.

But soon a new page of Eve will be turned : the glorious outposts for which we fought and bled years ago will be decommissioned in less than seven days.

Our enemies left the battlefield, left behind their mask of self-righteous soldiers to grow fat and lazy on the blood and sweat of their new slaves and territories, left even their motherland to the fate it deserved.

What is the use of an old outpost, you would say ? We answer that without history, there can’t be no future.

We never forgot, nor forgave the Amarr for what they did to us : our centuries of enslavement, the destruction of Starkman prime, the near extinction of our Skarmanir brethren and sisters.

Unlike others when we see Unity Station, we don’t see isk but our legacy, our history.

Forgetting would be betraying.

Before the 5th of June, we will show New Eden that we won’t settle down and compromise, that we stand by our ideals, fight and die by them.

CVA are nowhere to be seen but larger groups are at play, their member struggling to give a reason for their presence and doing the work of our old enemies while proclaiming themselves opponents of slavery and friends of freedom.

Those fights could have been and still can be avoided, our feud is with CVA and the Amarr. History and the spirits demand it. We welcome with our autocannons and invite any CVA slavers to come to us in their golden ships, lasers blazing : only then will we be able to honour our blood feud.

Even outnumbered, even outgunned, we won’t give up. Our opportunistic opponents find safety in numbers : we don’t need their numbers, we don’t need nor want their safety.

We Matari rose up against an entire empire for our independence, it would be our shame for years not to undock now.

On the 5th of June, Unity Station will be ours before becoming a mark in the history of Eve, the mark of the Matari People and its struggle.

The monument which will then replace the outpost won’t be a tribute to Amarr cruelty but a manifest that liberty and unity make strength.

We will then come back to low-sec to conquer once again the warzone bringing back Unity Station, now a citadel, there as our flag, our beacon : our home once again.

Operation Homestead has begun, the fight for freedom never ends.

Liberty or Death,

Ushra’Khan, we come for our people

For those who need them, here are a few of the documents our historians kept as memories of those times :

The construction :

The fall :

The tribute from our old foes :

The history :'Khan_(Player_alliance)


So you are going to join Brave and claim you captured the station from PL and/or CVA? Good to see that the roleplayers have fun in nullsec.

o/ fellow capsuleer,

Even if it is only us vs CVA, it will be our 412 capsuleers vs their 1,552. We like those odds. That’s said if they show up ( which we wish, their members are fun and it’s great to rp with them in local)

If you want a glimpse of 9UY4-H at the moment :

As you can see we expect no easy victory, nor do we expect to claim a glory which wouldn’t be ours.

We undock everyday in low-sec, we do the same in null-sec during this operation.

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Stand fast my brothers and Sisters

Dotlan currently has Ushra’Khan as owner of the station, and the station in vulnerable state. So unless it is currently in free-port you will be the proud owners of a faction citadel? Nice work.

Thanks ! The station is indeed ours and will be until the patch. The monument which will replace the station will be ours : our decade of fighting in this area will leave a permanent mark.

Soon more info !


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