Question About Planetary Interraction

Hello fellow pilots !

I am a new player and i am trying to figure out planetary interraction . I have made a skill training plan that will allow me to colonize 5 planets and will have interplanetary consolidation skill to level 4 and command centers upgrades also to level 4.
My plan is to manufacture coolant on 5 planets in high security space .
My question is , how much isk (as an estimate) will i make with 1 character and 5 planets in a month in high security space ?
I am hoping that someone that also does planetary interraction in high security space can answer my question.

I doubt you can produce Coolants on 5 plantets in the same system. But if you like jumping around…
I produce Coolants and much more in a wormole, it’s easy money, because taxes are lower, but also it’s more dangerous and you need a Cita to live in.
I recommend Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation to be skilled up to V to enjoy PI. Highsec is not known to be very lucrative, but for a try it’s cool.
Dont forget to skill the Epithal :wink:

There are plenty of systems that have 5 gas planets or 4 gas 1 storm or 3 gas 2 storm . This tells me you don’t actually know that much about planetary interraction.

You don’t need those to 5 as a starter and new player , this is bad advice .
Maybe if i like it and would like to commit totally to planetary interraction it’s somethingt to consider .

Not to be disrespectful , but you haven’t read my post , if you did you would have answered my question:

^ that for manufacturing coolant.

So why post then ?!

Dude was trying to be helpful, and Command Center Upgrades V can offer more than a linear increase in isk efficiency, depending on what you’re trying to do (i.e. it can allow you to make more effecient factory planet setups on worlds with small radii and allow your extractor heads to stretch further in order to chase hotspots). But you’re right, I wouldn’t worry about it too much as a newbro doing PI in HS.

Anyway, it’s been years since I did any PI, let alone in HS. So take this with a grain of salt. But I want to say that you can make around 300-500mil a month. Also, do note that production across new eden has taken a nose dive, so demand for P.I. might suffer as well. Looks like coolant is still doing okay, but you should be aware of potential trouble ahead. Not saying you shouldn’t proceed, but if prices do take a nosedive, you might want to hold on to your stock, and then start trying to sell it again when production picks back up.

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So sorry you don’t like my answer.
The answer is of course: It depends.
Invested time, invested skills; looks like you don’t want to invest much, though.
I’d never do PI with my main toon, btw.

But obviously you know it much better, so good luck.

Not anymore. Now its closer to maybe 50, 60 mill a week on a good week. So maybe 200 mill a month.

But I do my PI in lowsec. So Hisec would probably be worse.


Oof. Hardly seems worth the effort, even for a semi-passive income. Is that a recent change due to production crashing hard, or has this been going on for a while?

So this means that in high sec i will probaly make 100-150 mil isk per month , which for the initial investment , colony setup and moving the goods to Jita at set intervals , looks like it’s not worth doing in high sec.
Thank you for being truthful and therefore helpful !

Now I did some maths.

8100 ISK: price atm for Coolants per item
5 produced P2 units per factory and per hour
10 P2 factories = 2 factories on each of the 5 planets
720 hours per month
=> Output: 36000 P2 units per month if you keep it running all the time.
=> 291m ISK per month
Minus taxes (for POCO and sales process), about 20% in Highsec, and one time costs (Epithal and PI setup stuff are ridiculously cheap). Your time to learn how it works smoothly is the most expensive part and not yet part of the equation.
I’m not sure about the yield of highsec planets, because you need 2x3000 units raw material (Aqueous Liquids and Ionic Solutions) per 30 minutes and per P2 factory and thus fine spots on all 5 plantes or you won’t produce that much.

Experience shows it’s hard to keep the whole system running all the time (it’s not a job but meant to be fun), also you need good skills for a decent output (I still insist), so 100-150m per month sounds reasonable.

Some further information

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