Optimal coolant setup

Can someone point me in the right direction for maximizing my output for a coolant factory in highsec? I currently have one super-productive temperate planet and one rather disappointing gas planet producing water and electrolytes respectively, and one barren factory planet.

@Alistair_Atreides is the king of PI. Maybe he can help you.

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How do I PM him?

Well, he is sometimes on the forums. Or, you could message him in-game.

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Thanks, I just sent him an Eve-Mail


you can produce coolant directly on gas/storm planets, why pay twice/three times export/import tax?

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Efficiency, I can mass produce the T1’s using the full power of the command center.

You have a point though.

Ok, I just don’t know if it makes sense, or brings the added value, if you instead of producing the final result directly per planet occupy a planet only for producing.
Especially since in the HS it is anyway very little profit yields and much export/import tax.

it’s a P2 so it can be built on a planet that has the required resources, so gaz or storm. IIRC the storm are the smaller ones so you want a small storm.
Then you just place two buffers for the RO, and direct conversion from the buffer to P1 to P2. Then you just put the output of the P2 in the spacioport.

so : Buffer - P1 - P2 - P1 - Buffer and a spatioport close to the P2.
Then you place two heads, one for aqueous liquid, one for ionic solutions, and they put the R0 in their adequate buffer.
IIRC it’s 6000 items eaten per hour, per P1 ? I think it’s 12000 but not sure. Without good skills it’s difficult to feed the P1

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Maybe I should set up just one base on a storm planet in Maila… it’s low-sec so it’s more dangerous, but more yield.

from my experience, unless you really are in a high passage LS it’s not very dangerous and indeed much more valuable. You can use a epithal with MWD cloak and you are pretty safe.

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Don’t cloaks disable MWDs?

no. They prevent activating a module, but only 2s after activating the cloak

so you can align, cloak, MWD, and on the end of MWD cycle(like 1s before the end) remove cloak and spam warp.

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I decided to set up a full coolant production on Maila VI, producing 10 units per hour.
EDIT: or however much is two advanced factories.

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