POI T2 manufacturing question

How do you make PI T2 items when the T1 input is produced on separate planets?

For example: Coolant needs Water and Electrolytes. Water comes from ice planets while Electrolytes come from gas planets.


You move the T1 outputs to the same planet. ie have a factory planet that doesn’t extract anything only produces. Although I am pretty sure all gas planets produce the resources needed for coolant without needing to move anything. It may not be efficient at it but they can do it.


In the example above, T1 water comes from Aqueous Liquids which can be found on many planets, but also needs Ionic Solutions to make the Electrolytes and that is only found (that I can determine anyway) on gas planets. So I have to somehow bring the two T1 products together to make the T2.

I can transport a T1, that’s not the issue. But how do I get it down to the planet with the other T1 to make the T2?

EVE Online Planetary Interaction Commodities Relations and Planner - evehelper.tk

Shows gas planets produce both aqueous liquids and ionic solutions. Having checked in game it is correct.

Anyways if for some reason the above is not possible for you just move the T1 products via a ship from the customs office of one planet to the customs of office of another. Then just import it to your launchpad where it can be transferred to the T2 factories to make your coolant.

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you can make most t2 products i think on one planet.

I found this VERY HELPFUL in setting up my 5 planets (3 gas(1 for oxygen, 2 making Coolant) 2 plasma (1 for mechanical parts, and other for enriched uranium) trying to build my own helium blocks without buying any of the parts. need to figure out my plans for robotics or if I just buy those.

In very simple graphical form - it makes for a good quick view of “what comes from where”.
Roll your mouse over the things that interest you and follow the lines!

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