Question: Gallente Epic Arc and Dominix Drone Sniper

I’ve just started the Epic Arc for Gallente, all missions without Elite BS was running smooth, no problems so far. But now starts the first mission with that Elite BS. I’ve also read all the available guides (EVE uni, QUANTUM ANOMALY …). This guides states very high incoming dps especially at short range and high-speed chasing BS at around 1.200-1.400. I thought about 2 possible options for the Dominx:

  1. Standard Sniper with Sentries and mjd (shooting rang is up to 170 km with around 600 dps )

  2. Kiting with Ogres II and mwd [maybe Hammerhead II since BS don’t target med drones, but halves the dps] (target range and control range would be 180 km+, 820 dps )

Now the question for the more experienced players: Would either of this options work or would it be a waste of time trying?

The other option which would be available to me because of skills is a speed tanking Catalyst - any suggestions on this topic?

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  1. make warp points in the grid, and when the rats are too close, warp to next. you can freely warp in the site.

Keep in mind it has been a LONG time since I have run the epic arcs in a dominix. I had been running them in a kronos or other marauder until @DeMichael_Crimson sold me on the Loki.

Back in the day for the Dominix was before the MJD existed. I dont recall having any major issues until the big DPS missions such as Studio and Showtime. I honestly don’t recall as it has been almost 10 years and I have been drinking…

In general i ran a sniper fit with railguns and sentry drones. After the dominix I ran the epic arc with a Kronos. In the same vein I ran it with a sniper fit using the MJD to keep range.

I don’t know if there is any way to run a dominix in short range and stay alive. If i were running it today I would use a MJD and bookmark the locations as needed. if i had to warp out I would warp back to the best location to keep the NPC’s at rance and snipe them with long range guns and sentries.

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Thx for the replies. I have my answer. I’m already on a sniper fit with a MJD. It’s doable and I have to find a way how it works for me.

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GL. Btw all of my epic arcs are ready to be run again. If you want a fleetmate to run with let me know. I just enjoy running with other people.

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Just a small update: Yesterday I finished successful this EpicArc. Just one mission - Showtime - was really difficult, at least until I eliminated 1-3 of the initial Elite BS.
I had to do it slowly one by one and jumping out 2 times, but after this it was running smooth again.

@Derath_Ellecon: Thx for your offer, actually the Minmatar EA is the only available, because I fu**** up my standing with the other two empires, which is one of the reasons to start this EA race in the first place. I will try to contact you in-game.

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@Zhaara Would be interested to hear how you tackled Showtime with the sentry fit, even with warp outs?

@Guiliano Thellere: Ok, I hope I will get it completely. Target range with my current setup is 166 km while the Warden II which I used because of long range would be able to engage at more then 170 km. My plan was to not get the elite BS closer then 90 km.

  1. I made the warp in from a station --> create bookmark-1 --> MJD --> bookmark-2; distance to NPCs was like 150 km
  2. At this point I can’t remember if I stayed like this to make another MJD jump or if I aligned to station to jump out --> Setup Sentry camp --> Start attacking the frigs and cruiser. I’ve eliminated the frigs and cruiser first and started to attack the elite BS. I had to warp out the first time because my hull was at 80% and armor repper was not able to catch up the damage.
  3. Rep and insta shield in the station --> warp back to 100 km from bookmark-1 --> aligned to station --> setup sentry camp --> start attacking the elite BS --> use MJD (bookmark-4) when the first NPC was at 90 km.

Per elite BS i needed at least one MJD cycle jump forward at first NPC came close to 90 km. After 2 elite BS was down I could stay on grid and bounce back and forth using my bookmarks. The elite BS will not approach you in a straight line instead they come at angles which gives you more time to eliminate them one by one. Btw. at least for me the EVE-uni guide was wrong with the respawn, wave 3 came when the last elite BS from initial spawn was down. I have some potential to optimize this, maybe use Bouncer II, which would have a range of 140 km and I could alter the setup of the tank with a Reactive + Explosive Armor Hardener instead of Damage Control and Adaptive Nano.


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