Question: How To Set Up OAuth2 Client on Website for EVE

I no prior experience configuring this, but I know a lot of people have gotten it working so I just need some pointers. This is for a mediawiki project I’ve been working on.

If I’m setting up a website and these are the parameters to configure, what would they look like for EVE Online?

(I know this one)$wgOAuth2Client[‘client’][‘id’] = ‘’; // The client ID assigned to you by the provider
(I know this one)$wgOAuth2Client[‘client’][‘secret’] = ‘’; // The client secret assigned to you by the provider

The rest I’m not totally sure I’m configuring correctly. Any help would be appreciated, this is the mediawiki extension in question:

$wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘authorize_endpoint’] = ‘’; // Authorization URL
$wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘access_token_endpoint’] = ‘’; // Token URL
$wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘api_endpoint’] = ‘’; // URL to fetch user JSON
(pretty sure I have this one correct) $wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘redirect_uri’] = ‘’; // URL for OAuth2 server to redirect to

$wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘username’] = ‘username’; // JSON path to username
$wgOAuth2Client[‘configuration’][‘email’] = ‘email’; // JSON path to email

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