Question on abyssal sites

are they still worth doing as an isk maker cant really find much info on them that isn’t a year old. i been running them and not sure if im getting the loot and its just crashed or if im just unlucky,

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The value of drops has dropped as the market is now plentiful. Still isk to be made but the more higher tier filaments you can do the better. Also make sure you loot as many of the loot thingies as you feel safe to.

No. They never were. They are worth doing as funny PvE stuff. You still make some ISK, but at the end you will lose your expensive ship and all profit you get will be lowered by its value. Which will mean you get more ISK just from mission blitzing in 100 % safety.
Blueprints, modules or mutaplasmids drop much more rearely now, than it was before. And prices for them droped as well. Emerging conduits or invasion sites loot killed the profit, you know… You can get both sero-point condensate and isogen from any kind of site, if you know how to loot all cans. Filaments are much more expensive, at least high tear dark filaments.

TL;DR: do not do abyss, leave all the sweet loot to us, who is still doing it. :wink:

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