I played in 2009, thinking of playing again.

However, I read that there is now a two class system of players.
I heard there is one class who can do about half as much as the other class of player regardless of player talent.
Is this true that players are limited in two classes?

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CCP introduced a sort of free-to-play model they call Alpha Clones. A player can play for free and have a certain amount of skill points they can accumulate. As of a recent change, they can train up to 5 million skill points for free and have a total SP cap at 20 million skill points. As of that same recent change, Alphas are now able to use all T1 and faction sub-cap ships. The Alphas train at half the speed of Omega customers (those that are paying subscription fees/activating PLEX) and do not have access to most specialized T2 equipment and ships (although they can now use T2 small and medium weapons). Alphas are restricted from mining ships larger than the Venture and are heavily restricted in their access to more passive ISK generation activities like planetary interaction.

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Thanks for answering, good bye for another few years

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Yes, no, kinda.

There are two “tiers” of players:

  • Omega Tier: Anyone who is a subscribing member of the game falls in this tier. Nothing about this tier is different from when you were playing in 2009.

  • Alpha Tier: This is the new one. Basically it is a “free-to-play” / “unlimited trial” state. One does not have to pay any subscription, but there are limitations in what skills you can train, how high said skills can be trained, how many skillpoints can be accumulated, and training is half as fast.
    In a nutshell; you can fly pretty much any subcap ship for free, but with restrictions.




This is THE answer


Alas, the world works on money, rather than talent.
There are two classes of player, those who can pay the subscription, and those who can’t.
Good bye, Talented One! We shall miss you.


Don’t understand that post: The difference to before 2017 is clearly pro those who play for free. There’s much more content for those who can’t afford than before the introduction of alphas.
Welcome, Talented One!

BTW most players have got a 1000$ computer, those poor fellows…

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Probably should have mentioned that joining FW basically favors Alpha Clones.

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