Questions on Achur

From Lore.
We know from Source that the Achur left the Federation for the State a little over 300 years ago.
Achura was discovered by SuVee a few decades earlier (say 350 years ago) during the ‘secret colonization’ and eastern expansion.
Saisio has been described as ‘inhospitable’ although Saisio III is temperate, rich in carbon compounds and abundant complex life (white-winged bird). The Achur are described as pre-industrial although Invention is held in the highest esteem.
My question
For a pre-industrial people living on an inhospitable planet colonized by a pre-Emperian company 13 jumps from Caldari Prime, to now number as 25% (1.8 Trillion) of all Caldari; how did this happen? What forces were in play to elevate Achur to such a prominent place. Is it sheer numbers? Our drive to unlock the secrets of the universe?
A seemingly lonely planet, a people without the drive for cosmic power, ill-equipped technologically and yet named alongside Deteis and Civire as the backbone of the Caldari.
How and why did they get elevated to this position?

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It’s a very wonky bit of lore. The original numbers provided in Demographics of the Caldari State put Achura at only between 1-5% of the State’s total population (lumped in with other minorities like Khanid, Intaki, Ethnic Gallente and so on). The numbers provided in EVE Source were a huge contradiction to that, and one that makes very little sense.

So, unfortunately, there isn’t really an answer to your question. I’d actually consider EVE Source’s numbers just flat wrong on this, because of the reasons you’ve already given.

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@Samira_Kernher thank you, hadn’t read that one and it sounds a far more sensible demographic, clearing up a bit of the head cannon.
The Achura only become recognized and known to the rest of the cluster during the capsuleer era. Drawn to the philosophical implications of the hydrostatic capsule, many would seek to become pod pilots in large numbers.

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