Capsuleers and the Minmatar Slave Revolts

I’ve looked over some of the lore regarding the minmatar slave revolts and found myself wondering if it would be possible for any of the people involved with that on either side (amarr or minmatar) to somehow still be alive and have acquired capsuleer tech or become capsuleers. Did the jovians give the tech to the empires or was it sold to them? Could someone else have secretly acquired it privately before the empires did? I may have missed it but I didn’t see anywhere this was answered in the lore. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but please link your sources. Thank you!

If I understood this correctly - yes, some participants in the Great Rebellion are possibly still alive. They’ll be around 160 years old, but that is entirely possible with EVE’s medical technology. The modern era of the capsuleer, with the cloning technology married to it, has been around in-universe for about 20-25 years(?), just a bit longer than the game that is, and while I’m not sure if there’s ever been mentioned an upper age limit for becoming a capsuleer, at 120-140 they’d possibly been too old, though, to survive the training that apparently does kill people even in their physical peak.

Jovians originally gifted the Capsule technology to the Caldari so that they would have an edge over the Gallente in the Gallente-Caldari Wars, but later made sure that the technology would be propagated to the other empires as well. Technically, it was sold, but there’s lots of background tinfoiling about the Jove making sure the Caldari would not perish under the Gallente warmachine, for their own reasons.

I’d say possible, but doubtful.

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