What kind of eve and forum related questions are forbidden to ask here in EvE Online Forums?
I have seen this post closed … Mind the crowd it seem fun.

is that because there was no written text out of the picture?
So text must be outside the picture then its ok? I have read the ISD s long list i havent seen any flaming profanity or such… there was likes people seem like enjoyed …

Nothing ad hominem or agressive …against each other …felt like people reflecting …

I couldnt make sense …
please someone enlighten me …and please be positive . I do ask to understand reasons … that is a veery long list . And closest explanation is the last sentence … which doesnt actually fit %100.

This is not a discussion .
This is a question to understand rules which doesnt clarified enough clean . And to understand which spesific reason is it…

There is looooong list of stuff there. Which doesnt adressing the issue.

Can someone else take this? Positivity is required.


In B4 :lock:

  • Discussion of Moderation

pretty much apply to your link and this topic.

I guess some people only learn the hard way…

This is not a Discussion . This is a question to learn reason .

Nobody discussing moderation here

There is nothing to discuss.

This is simple question and need a simple clean explanation

Then read my last reply again. Since it seams that you missed it.

This is not informative and guiding answer to my question.i do aware post closed before .
This in not discussion of moderation .

Are you just reading the rules and deciding, hmm, well clearly this is not discussing, but a question, and therefore is not a rules violation because the dictionary says so? Because that’s what it looks like.

Also it looks like you like to argue for the sake of arguing. Have you tried reddit?

I read the rules yes. One by one. Which one applies to op didnt understand. So far i guess it is not allowed to sent like meme pic or link with no text? Thats how post look like.

I like logic. And no. I asked simple question. No discussion

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It might be good idea to read and understand “meme like pic”. As for me? You are just throwing tantrum because your threads where closed and you are trying to dig something on moderators.

Where is community team when you need it?

There’s no magic. To paraphrase the forum rules and the intent of this place:

  • don’t be an arsehole
  • discuss EVE (except in Out of Pod)
  • try to be constructive
  • understand that if you want an opinion, others are free to have a very different one

But, we all fail at times at different aspects and the longer a thread goes, the more likely it is to get locked.

That other thread failed at the first 3 points.

You always have bad intentions on people.
I had seen this before too …And you have ZERO Bona Fide.
Always see the worst… how do you even live yourself like that .

Yes this is full ad hominem comment and my humble thought about you

I do give up about this thread now. @ISD please close it.

People run this into nowhere
With zero logic .
instead of simply answering or Saying " WE don’t KNOW"

I see now it’s impossible to get any proper answer.

thanks for answering @Scipio_Artelius @ISD can you close the thread, please.

I know I am and am ok with that…sorry. At least I’m not a bootlicker, eh?

Is the EvE forum part of EvE? I agree with you - I’m not so sure anymore myself.

Well, isd agrees with you on that, certainly…or you agree with them…something. Maybe Ezwal and he had some personal issue or something.

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The unspoken rule:

If you are an ISD simp, it doesn’t get locked. If you are not, it does.

It’s not the content of the post, it’s who is posting it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


the post mentioned, was not constructive. the ISD’s post the rules that are broken when they close a thread.

discussing, asking questions etc in pertains to why certain topics are closed is still discussing moderation.

Do you know how can we delete our posts we open ? I cant find any button or such … how do we do it ?doesnt seem possible. I already adressed @ISD

Also i think these post closing standart messages can be more informative and guiding .
Which CCP needs to review and reshape and review those standart messages …

Else they cause alot of misconceptions

normally, beside the reply button of your post, you’ll see 3 dots… If no reply to your first post, you can select delete, and it will delete and lock your first post…

with threads more than one post, i don’t think you can from the first one, and thus @ISD_Buldath can close your topic here, since you have asked nicely

i cant tried just now … :frowning:

What if i edit change it ? Will be bit nonsense with rest of the thread .

as i said, if no other responses are in your thread… this one does… so therefore you cannot delete your own thread.