Quick and easy asset liquidation services!

(nep nep nep) #1

Hello fellow capsuleers!

I have recently begun a liquidation service for all of New Eden. Simply contract the assets you wish to liquidate to me, and in the description box write how much isk you want for your assets, and include a small service fee. After I liquidate your assets, I send the isk made from liquidating your assets back to you directly through a donation with the description “Assets Liquidated”.

Service fees are as following:
0-10B: 2% liquidation value, up to 5 days to liquidate
10B-50B: 5% liquidation value, up to 10 days to liquidate
50B+: 10% liquidation value, up to 30 days to liquidate

Eg: If you want to sell a fortizar for 12B, you would contract the fortizar to me and in the description you will need to write “liquidate for 12B”. Then, include a 5% service fee which would be 600M.


(Lexia Cassidy) #2

Brb with some popcorn

(Tipa Riot) #3

Lol, made my morning.

(Elizabeth Norn) #4

So let me get this right, for the small fee of 240m ISK (actually 600m according to your table) you’ll take a fortizar off my hands, no questions asked? That sounds too good to be true!

(nep nep nep) #5

Yes! And even better I can do it all within a mere 10 days!

(Charlie Turlock) #6

I’d like to liquidate 30+ Alliance Tournament ships… about how long would that take you? Also, contract up with 600 bil service fee.

(nep nep nep) #7

Expect a 20-30 day wait on your ship liquidation

(Solonius Rex) #8

So, let me get this straight.

If i wanted to liquidate a fortizar for 12 billion isk, i would contract the fortizar to you for 11.4 billion isk?

(loonitunen) #9

I think You would send him the fortizar for 0 isk, but with a 600mil payment , when it is sold you get 12 bn from him i a direkt isk trasferrer.

Correct me if i am wrong.

(Vuhdo Rin) #10


(Solonius Rex) #11

Oh, so you make a contract for a fortizar, and you also give 600 mill as payment. And then you wait a week or so and find out you were scammed.

K, get it now.

(Anderson Geten) #12

that looks like a buyback, but without the “buy” in it …

(nep nep nep) #13

@loonitunen is correct

(Solonius Rex) #14

Good luck with that venture. I hope many victims fall for your scam.

(nep nep nep) #15

Going strong, one nag and thanny already liquidated!

(Solonius Rex) #16

If youre gonna lie, might as well say something more incredible. Like “I just liquidated my 100th titan!”

(system) #17

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