WTB Lots of things (General Liquidation service)

I deal at least a little bit in almost every market in the game, so as a result, I am generally looking for lots of things. Everything from random liquidations to cap sales (both producers or just people who want to get rid of one). Even buying wormholes, characters, and assets in null.

Generally, if you have something that you’d rather have isk instead of, send me a mail and ill let you know how much I can offer.

PM sent ingame :slight_smile:

make a b/o offer ?

maybe, my stuff interest you

(hel and nyx being researched atm, to a higher TE)

still going, 50b+ worth of happy clients

just used this to quickly liquidate some stuff. 10/10 would recommend.

Still active

Still buying

Still going

I will mail you later today, need to clean out some areas.

Interested in this? WTS Chimera located Odebeinn in NPC station

still going

to the top

Still going

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